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Canadian Dental Care Plan Updates for Patients

This membership category is available to: UBC Undergraduates, Graduating Class Outside BC, Post-Graduates, and Internationally Trained NDEB Candidates.

Are You Preparing to Practice in BC?

We know your first few years in practice have unique challenges and opportunities, and we’re here for you. Our student memberships give you access to resources, support and community, including:

  • Access to our member portal, full of helpful resources, job postings and exclusive member discounts
  • Timely member communications on important issues and hot topics in the profession
  • Webinars, free CE on our Learning Portal, and other education opportunities
  • Events specifically for members in their first five years of practice
  • Connection to an engaged community of dentists, and access to our Mentorship Program
  • Complimentary access to the Pacific Dental Conference
  • 1:1 access to our Member Support team, who can answer any questions you have
  • No-cost insurance from CDSPI for undergraduate and graduate students
  • And so much more!

Student Membership Categories

University of British Columbia Undergraduate Dental Students

  • If you’re a current UBC dentistry undergraduate student, a BCDA membership is available to you free of charge (a $260 value).

4th Year Students at Accredited Schools Outside BC

  • If you're in your 4th year at an accredited school (in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or USA), you’re eligible for a deeply discounted BCDA membership ($260). 

Post-Graduate Students

  • If you're a post-graduate dental student, you are eligible for a deeply discounted BCDA membership ($260).

Internationally-Trained NDEB Candidates (Graduates from Non-Accredited Schools)

  • To be eligible, you must have passed the AFK, ACJ and ACS and are waiting to move on to the next step, the NDEB certification process.

Note: When you apply for a Student Membership, you'll need to upload supporting documentation. Find out what you'll need.

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