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Membership Benefits

We're here for YOU.

BCDA member benefits are designed to save you time and moneyreduce your stress and risk of problems - and help you be a successful practitioner. We also educate the public on oral health issues through our biannual YourDentalHealth (YDH) campaigns.

Individual Support Services & Benefits

  • The Dentist Wellness Program (DWP) is a free, confidential clinical counselling program available to members and their families.

  • Our Member Support team provides one-to-one practice and office staff assistance for all member dentists, including a mediation program to help settle conflicts between members and with patients.

  • Our dental staff salary report is issued annually and available only to members on our member website.

  • Members and their families or their dental teams have access to Extended Health Benefits through Pacific Blue Cross.

  • Members have exclusive access to financial planning services plus a full suite of insurance and investment solutions, including Malpractice Insurance, from our financial services partner CDSPI.

  • Exclusive discounts are available for members in the areas of Health & Wellness, Accommodation, Travel, and Services such as phone providers, vehicle purchase discounts and PPE providers.

Supporting Your Practice

  • Members have access to BCDA's annual Suggested Fee Guides.

  • Members can post classified listings for associate positions, practice sales, dental staff positions, etc.

  • Member website with office management resources, templates and forms, etc.

Events and Continuing Education

  • BCDA offers on-demand courses through our BCDA Learning Portal and in-person courses.

  • Your BCDA membership provides you with complimentary registration to the Pacific Dental Conference prior to the early bird deadline and an invitation to the annual Toothfairy Gala and BCDA Awards.

Member Publications & Resources

  • Members receive the bridge member magazine (print) and Member Update (emails) including time sensitive Issue Alerts.

Public Education & Advocacy

  • BCDA produces the Biannual YourDentalHealth public education campaign to educate the public on the key dental issues and to recruit dental assistants and dental staff. 

  • Our Save a Smile program provides direct care funding support for at risk children 1-18 yrs (administered through regional public health staff hygienists).

  • BCDA provides government and stakeholder advocacy on numerous issues.