Your Dental Health Magazine

2014 Spring Your Dental Health Cover

In This Issue

Chew on This
Facts and tips for better dental health

Manual or Electric?
Things to consider when choosing a toothbrush

Good for Your Dental Health Good for Your Baby
The importance of maintaining your oral health during pregnancy

Kids and Cavities
What every parent should know

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Smile
Nutrition for a healthy body and mouth

The Best Defence
Why mouthguards are a must for kids—and adults—in sports.

Keep a Healthy Smile Into Your Golden Years
Keeping your teeth healthy now, and as you age

What's Behind the "Dr."
The training and qualifications to practise dentistry in BC

The Dental Exam
Why the dental exam is the foundation of good oral health

Tooth Sensitivity 101
What could be causing your sensitive teeth, and what you can do about it

Ask a Dentist
Common questions on your dental health