Dentists who are not currently practicing, but volunteer their time and skills qualify for a BCDA Volunteer membership. 

Benefits of Volunteer Membership

Being a volunteer member provides access to the following programs and services:

  • Access to Classified listings for associate positions and practice sales, etc.

  • Confidential support and advice for members and their immediate family through the CDSPI Members' Assistance Program (MAP)

  • Complimentary registration to the Pacific Dental Conference prior to the early bird deadline and an invitation to the annual Toothfairy Gala and BCDA Awards.

  • Exclusive discounts are available in the areas of Health & Wellness, Accommodation, Travel, and Services such as phone providers, vehicle purchase discounts and PPE providers.

  • Members receive the bridge member magazine (print) and Member Update (emails) including time sensitive Issue Alerts
  • BCDA offers on-demand courses through our BCDA Learning Portal and in-person courses.
Become a volunteer member today!