The Dental Team

The traditional dental team will consist of the dentist, the hygienist, one or more dental assistants and one or more receptionists.


Dentists and dental specialists are highly trained, skilled professionals, and are the leaders of the dental team within the dental office. The dentist is the only member of the dental team qualified to diagnose and treat dental disease and will perform many familiar procedures.

Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists are trained in oral hygiene procedures which they may undertake in the dental office as directed by the dentist. These include:

  • scaling and polishing teeth
  • providing fluoride treatments
  • providing oral hygiene instruction and counseling
  • placing sealants
  • taking X-rays

Dental Assistants 

Dental assistants will assist the dentist at the chairside while the dentist is treating the patient.  Some assistants (those who are certified with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC) may be directed by the dentist to carry out certain procedure on patients. These include:

  • taking X-rays
  • placing rubber dam
  • taking impressions
  • polishing teeth


Receptionists carry out all the administrative procedures in the dental office including scheduling appointments, billing procedures and assisting patients with their insurance plans.