Online Course Delivery

Speakers using our online learning modalities are required to structure their presentation according to BCDA broadcasting guidelines outlined in the Speaker's Guide for each learning modality (provided to speakers in their speaker agreement).

The guidelines ensure the speaker's presentation meets online streaming requirements and variations in participant download speeds. This includes:

  • Modular structure: 10 – 30 minutes in length covering a specific topic related to the course title and learning objectives
  • Bookmarking: this feature allows learners to stop and re-start at the same point in the course. Modules should be created to easily accommodate bookmarking.
  • Photos and video file size limits: 1 MB or less for images and 8 MBs or less for videos
  • No animation: use only 'click on appear' where needed
  • Course module file size: Maximum file size per module is 20 – 40 MBs. A one-hour course should not exceed 100 MBs in total.
  • Pacing: Allow for one content slide every 1 - 2 minutes. Approximately 30 - 45 slides for a 1 hour course.

The BCDA provides a Powerpoint (PPT) template to speakers.  A speaker may use their own branded PPT presentation; however it must meet the same structure and e-learning requirements as the BCDA template. BCDA reserves the right to reformat a proprietary presentation to ensure it meets e-learning specifications, but will not edit course content.

The speaker will have final approval of the course before launch.

All speaker presentations must be received by BCDA in their final format at least three weeks prior to recording on demand courses.