Study Club Mentors

British Columbia has a proud history of active Study Clubs across the province. Surgical study clubs are considered by many to be the gold standard of skills enhancement and ideal forum for promoting lifelong learning and collegiality among dental professionals. There are currently 21 onsite study clubs hosted at the BCDA Learning Centre (DLC) in addition to the Virtual Study Groups hosted on our CE Portal.

Study club mentors must be approved by the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. Once approved, a study club mentor may rent our lecture theatre and/or clinical operatories for their sessions. The BCDA's CE Program Committee does not approve study club mentor applications.

Registration for DLC study clubs are handled directly by the Mentor or Treasurer of the study club and is not available through our CE Portal. We promote new study clubs at the DLC on our CE@DLC Program website and by email to all subscribers via the CE@DLC News, but do not register study club participants via our CE portal.

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC has a list of registered study clubs across BC. View a list of Study Clubs that take place at the BCDA Learning Centre.