Collaborative group study is a proven method of enhancing professional knowledge. BCDA's CE Program provides mentor-led group study through study clubs and Virtual Study Groups (VSG).

Virtual Study Groups (VSG)

VSGs allow participants to learn clinical content from experienced mentors and other professionals regardless of their location via case presentation and review. Like a study club without the hands-on component.

All clinical study mentors in our program are approved by the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. VSGs can be designed for dentists or any member of the dental team.

We also plan to offer group study opportunities on practice management topics.

Interested in becoming a VSG Mentor?

Study Clubs

British Columbia has a proud history of active study clubs across the province. Surgical study clubs are considered by many to be the gold standard of skills enhancement. 

Study club mentors must be approved by the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. The BCDA's CE Program Committee does not approve study club mentor applications.