Course Pricing

The CE@DLC Program offers CE on a cost recovery basis as a benefit to our members and their staff teams. Our subscriber and CE prices are based on the direct costs to produce the course/sessions and operate our CE@DLC Program. Discounts may be offered to specific subscriber groups.

Price ranges* for BCDA Practice Series courses are determined by the following criteria:

  • topic
  • speaker
  • course length
  • curriculum-based or single session
  • learning modality
  • target subscriber group

*The BCDA may adjust price ranges at any time without notice to meet the cost recovery requirements of the CE@DLC Program.

 **The mandate of the CE@DLC Program is to increase access to affordable CE options for BCDA members and their staff teams. Course pricing may differ by role in order to balance access and affordability among team members while covering course production and program delivery costs. 

Clinical & Non-Clinical Dental:

Practice Management:

  • $50 – $100 live online or in-person courses                                      
  • $75 – 150 on demand courses
  • $200 - $500 Virtual Study Group sessions

Dental & Medical Emergencies

  • $25 - $175 live online or in-person courses
  • $50 - $275 on demand courses
  • $225 - $600 Virtual Study Group sessions

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