Video & Web Conferencing

Video Conferencing

  • Live images of the speaker, their presentation and audio is streamed directly to another video conference facility(s) over a dedicated broadcast bridge
  • Point-to-point format is ideal for collaborative learning with professionals in another video conference location
  • Allows groups of professionals to access quality speakers in Vancouver with reduced travel cost and time out of practice
  • Up to five (5) video conference centres can connect to our system at one time.

Web Conferencing

  • Provides maximum convenience for participants to access live lectures from their home or office computer
  • Provides speakers the opportunity to reach a much larger and diverse audience than can be accommodated at an in-person conference
  • CE@DLC Program speaker is broadcast live over the internet from the DLC (or any location)
  • Audio is received through a dedicated phone line so participants stay connected even if their internet connection is disrupted
  • Participants can ask questions via phone or email, depending on the number of registrants and preference of the speaker
  • Dedicated IT support is provided during the lecture to assist participants without interrupting the presentation