Elementary School Program

The Brush to Win elementary school program encourages students to brush their teeth daily for a month and to track their progress on a Brush to Win calendar. Students who successfully complete the challenge (brush every day) can submit their completed calendar to their teacher for a chance to win a student or school prize. Classes can Brush to Win any (or all) month(s) between October and March.


  • Student prizes: A total of twelve piggy banks containing 30 loonies will be awarded to students (two winners per grade). Classmates of the winning students will receive a toothbrush while the school will be awarded an oral health video and teaching guide.
  • School prizes: A total of five $200 prizes will be awarded to participating schools.

How schools can participate

  • Register your class or school. 
  • Download a teacher's checklist, sample letter to parents, and Brush to Win calendar(s) for your class.
  • Encourage your students to brush twice daily (in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bedtime), and record it on their calendar(s).
  • Reinforce the importance of daily brushing. Review the available resources below to support your lessons.
  • Collect student calendars and review the teachers' checklist before submitting to the BCDA (mailing details on checklist). All entries received by April 25, 2014 will be entered into a random draw for student and school prizes.

Dental health resources

These resources have been made available with the assistance of the Ontario Dental Association, the Manitoba Dental Association, and the Canadian Dental Association.

Additional information:

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